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Casting alloys

We produce a full range of foundry and casting alloys covering the European EN AC, the British LM, American AA and the ISO international series, as well as bespoke alloys to your individual specs, with packing, colour codes and delivery to suit you.

Our range spans standard high-pressure alloys, low-pressure and sand cast alloys to the more complex and demanding low iron and piston type alloys, and can be supplied in various shapes and sizes from standard 5kg ingots to 750 kg RSIs and 90 g Pebbles.

Casting alloys

Wrought alloys

Used primarily for forging, rolling or extrusion, these alloys can be extremely energy-intensive to produce. By using recycled aluminium, that energy consumption can be cut by up to 95% – and we’re working in partnership with primary wrought-based consumers to find innovative ways to further increase recycling efficiency.

We produce a full range of remelted products, including 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series alloys in 750kg RSI or a 5kg ingot, which can be used directly within the wrought industry; full chemical analysis is also provided, covering over 20 elements with many measured down to PPM levels.

Wrought alloys


Liquid steels contain dissolved oxygen after their conversion from molten iron, and de-oxidised steel (also known as killed steel) has had some or all of that oxygen removed during manufacture. We produce a range of aluminium products for use as de-oxidants that vary in shape, size and chemistry, including ones to individual customer specifications, as well as aluminium powders and concentrates used in the treatments of steel.


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