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The countdown to Net Zero 2050 is on...

Metals are at the heart of a sustainable future.

Scrap metal has always had a degree of economic value. But with ever greater focus on recycling and reducing the strain we put on the planet’s natural resources, there’s now a growing appreciation of the environmental benefits metal recycling delivers – and growing pressure for those who use metal to source sustainable options.

12m Tonnes

of metal are recycled every year in the UK

Recycling used aluminium

saves up to 95% energy

over primary production

Using ferrous scrap reduces

58% less CO2 emissions

compared with virgin materials

A key contributor to the circular economy

For us, responsibility for our products goes well beyond the manufacturing stage. We’re actively committed to creating a closed-loop material flow, and support several initiatives to ensure that more and more aluminium products are properly recycled at the end of their life. And we’re using innovative sorting and recycling technologies together with close collaboration involving our direct customers in the food and beverage industry to make it happen.

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