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Metal recyling for the automotive industry

Automotive is one of the largest sectors we supply, providing a range of recycled alloys and scraps to meet exacting needs.

Aluminium car components are as safe and strong as steel, but up to 40% lighter; this has proved particularly important with electric cars as the lighter the vehicle the longer the range, and cooling components, battery frames and cables are now routinely made from aluminium.

The aluminium in an average car has increased from 50kg in 1990 to a predicted 196kg by 2025 – and more than 90% of that metal can be recovered at the end of a vehicle’s life, to be re-used in new aluminium products.

automotive metal recycling

Automotive component recycling

We specialise in handling off-cuts from the manufacturing process including aluminium sheeting and swarf, steel, stainless steel and copper; we can also recycle parts such as batteries, mixed alloys, exhausts offcuts in stainless Inconel and titanium, catalytic converters and wiring looms.

Our complete end-to-end service includes collection, storage and transportation of scrap with a full audit trail through to invoice. We not only make sure your automotive waste is managed efficiently to maximise your return, but can also securely destroy any sensitive parts so they cannot go back on the market.

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