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Recycling building & construction metals

With its light weight, durability, minimal maintenance and design flexibility, aluminium is increasingly being used in building, and the sector now accounts for almost a quarter of the aluminium used in Europe.

Extruded aluminium can be made in an almost infinite range of sections, and multiple functions can be incorporated into a single profile as sheets or composite panels, while foils can be applied to insulation materials to improve performance. Aluminium can also be cast to virtually any shape, offering further design possibilities.

The alloys used are weatherproof, corrosion-resistant and immune to harmful UV rays, making them ideal for wall cladding and roofing and ensuring lasting, optimal performance. Their inherent strength and stiffness also allow very narrow window and curtain wall frames, maximising glazed surfaces.

Recycling building & construction metals

Recycling for the construction industry

We handle not only materials left over from construction but also those produced during demolition, which often include a mix of valuable metals including copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Recycling makes great financial sense – even more so if the scrap is separated so it attracts a higher price – and with Tandom, it’s easy and efficient.

We offer expert advice and an end-to-end service, helping you with sorting and grading and handling the entire process from assessment and collection to weighing and invoicing. We’ll also provide a complete audit trail that includes documentary proof of your scrap metal weight and keeps you on the right side of environmental compliance.

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