Tandom - Your metal recycling partner

Heath & Safety Policy


  • “Establish and implement a Health and Safety management system to manage the risks associated with the site and its activities.
  • Continually improve by regularly monitoring our performance and revise our Health and Safety management system as necessary.
  • Provide sufficient resources to meet the requirements of current Health and Safety legislation and to achieve and maintain recognised standards of ‘Good Practice’ applicable to our activities.
  • Communicate and consult staff on all issues affecting their day-to-day health and safety conditions and provide advice and supervision on occupational health.  
  • Create and maintain a safe working environment by maintaining our premises and work equipment to a standard that ensures risks are effectively managed.
  • Provide adequate training for staff to enable them to work safely and effectively and to ensure they are competent and confident in their work.
  • To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health and provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities by identifying hazards and control measures and carrying out and regularly reviewing risk assessments.
  • Plan, prioritise and complete corrective actions necessary to reduce risks to an acceptable level.
  • Ensure that responsibilities for Health and Safety responsibilities are allocated, understood, monitored and fulfilled.
  • Provide health surveillance for staff where appropriate and maintain records.
  • Review, monitor and revise this policy every twelve months or sooner as necessary.”


Tandom are an active member of the Alfed Health and Safety Committee which actively promote best practice and benchmarking throughout the aluminium industry.