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Aluminium is one of the most recyclable metals around. At Tandom, we have the capability to recycle and process all grades of aluminium to produce a wide range of alloys suitable for re-use across a wide range of industries.

The key to our comprehensive aluminium processing service is our array of furnaces, which includes

  • 8t Tilt Rotary
  • 12t Tilt Rotary
  • 15t Reverb
  • 25t Melt Furnace
  • 25t Holding Furnace
  • 1t Induction Furnace
  • 1.5t Induction Furnace

With these furnaces powering our aluminium melting operation, we’re able to process a wide range of aluminium scraps, from large slabs all the way through to the low grade drosses and turnings.

We convert these valuable raw materials into a wide range of products including casting alloys, master alloys, de-oxidants, and sow (RSI). All of this can be done on a toll basis if required where we offer full closed loop recycling.

Aluminium alloys & deoxidants

We produce a full range of foundry and casting alloys covering the European EN AC, the British LM, American AA and the ISO international series, as well as bespoke alloys to your individual specs, with packing, colour codes and delivery to suit you.

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UBC and Packaging

We’re able to handle UBC from low-grade contaminated kerbside collection to post-industry clean material. We can also process contaminated aerosols, bottle caps or any other light-gauge material which needs shredding.

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Dross Processing

A key part of our business, our milling plant processes dross – the by-product of aluminium smelting – to separate any residual aluminium from the aluminium oxides. It’s a process that improves the recovery of aluminium in tilt furnaces, and means we can turn all grades of dross into a variety of end products.

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Shredding & Baling

Our UNTHA shredding line can process light gauge materials, such as drinks cans or food packaging, shredding the material to 50mm particles and then using an overband magnet to remove the ferrous fraction before an eddy current separator extracts the aluminium from the remaining waste. This can then be de-lacquered, put into compact bales or fed into our own furnaces.

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Master Alloys

These aluminium-based alloys contain high concentrations of additional elements to provide a convenient, economical way of adding specific properties to aluminium. They readily dissolve at lower furnace temperatures, providing fast, accurate melt adjustments, reducing energy consumption and dross formation and prolonging furnace life.

We produce a full range of master alloys to international specifications or to your own bespoke requirements, including copper, magnesium, silicon, iron, manganese, nickel, titanium, chrome, zirconium and strontium.

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Master Alloys
Master Alloys
dross processing
Master Alloys
Master Alloys

Toll Services

We offer a full toll service where we collect your raw materials and waste and convert it back into a remelt sow or fully specified alloy with the same properties as new material. Our toll service covers foundry dross, post-consumer waste including drinks cans, coffee pods and food containers and various other grades of material. We often work in partnership with businesses to improve their ability to recycle, reduce their carbon emissions and improve productivity and cost efficiencies.

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