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Handling UBC

We’re able to handle UBC from low-grade contaminated kerbside collection to post-industry clean material. We can also process contaminated aerosols, bottle caps or any other light-gauge material which needs shredding.

According to annual data published by the Environment Agency, the UK’s aluminium packaging recycling rate was a record 68% in 2021, with more than 156,000 tonnes collected for recycling (a 3% rise year-on-year). More than four in five beverage cans were recycled in 2021 (82%) with recycled aluminium drinks cans being back on the shelves in just 60 days. Tandom plays a huge part in this recycling chain by handling and treating low-grade contaminated kerbside collection all the way to post-industry clean material and all grades of UBC in between.

Tandom is a member company of Alupro; an industry funded, not-for-profit organisation with over 30 years’ experience representing the UK’s aluminium packaging industry who work to fulfil the industry’s obligation to meet, and exceed, recycling targets for aluminium packaging.

Handling UBC

With higher and more ambitious national targets we are proud to be an important part of the chain where we move ever closer towards a 100% recycling rate for aluminium packaging.

We have a wide range of processing capabilities that includes shredding, eddy current separation, rare-earth magnets, tilt-rotary and induction furnaces we can offer solutions for the majority of Aluminium packaging.

Here at Tandom we are working hard on a number of initiatives where we can demonstrate complete closed loop recycling; apart from Aluminium cans we are also working on systems for processing contaminated aerosols, bottle caps and other light-gauge packaging materials.

Our partnership with the coffee pod producers

One of our most innovative approaches has been our partnership with the coffee pod producers and the desire to eliminate the landfilling of the pod so that all the valuable components of the pod can be used again and again. We have spent the past 12 years working with the industry and by our commitment to invest in technology we can offer the full recycling scheme with the aluminium remelted and returned as a feedstock for new packaging. A remarkable success story that started from humble beginnings.

Our partnership with the coffee pod producers

Toll Services

We offer a full toll service where we collect your raw materials and waste and convert it back into a remelt sow or fully specified alloy with the same properties as new material. Our toll service covers foundry dross, post-consumer waste including drinks cans, coffee pods and food containers and various other grades of material. We often work in partnership with businesses to improve their ability to recycle, reduce their carbon emissions and improve productivity and cost efficiencies.

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