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Recycling aerospace components

Light weight and structural integrity have always been crucial in the aerospace industry – hence aluminium being consistently chosen for all manner of space structures and accounting for 61% of the structural weight in an Airbus A380.

The material’s also proved invaluable in creating lightweight vehicles on underground and tramway systems to lower running costs and provide better acceleration and allowing high speed trains to exceed 300km/h on traditional railway tracks; in addition to its light weight, aluminium’s corrosion resistance also makes it ideal for shipbuilding.

aerospace jet engine

Recycling for aerospace and transport

With metal so widely used in the transport industry, it’s vital to maximise the value of any scrap – which means having the right recycling partner. At Tandom, we have the expertise and knowledge to handle a wide range of metals. We offer an end-to-end service from initial assessment to secure disposal, providing a complete audit trail throughout. Our diverse and far reaching markets across all metals allow Tandom to provide our suppliers with the best possible prices for their scrap material.

During sorting, our highly experienced testers use mobile XRF analysers to ensure fast, accurate analysis of your scrap metal and ensure you get the best value. If materials are to be destroyed, we’ll provide a certificate of destruction to ensure items cannot be re-used.

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