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Encompassing a huge range of sectors, manufacturing and engineering has traditionally used a wide assortment of metals.

Using resources efficiently and reducing waste makes good financial sense and is better for the environment; but recycling your scrap can require space you don’t have, licensing for handling and collection and compliance with the latest environmental guidance.

Metal recycling for manufacturing businesses

At Tandom, we’ve been working with engineering companies, manufacturers, fabricators and stockists for over 14 years to recycle their scrap metals. We’re fully licensed, have all the knowledge and expertise you need and offer a seamless process from assessment to collection, grading, weighing and invoice, providing a complete audit trail throughout.

We can handle large volumes of swarf as well as larger off-cuts produced during manufacture, and can provide smaller bins that can be placed next to machinery – enabling different types of material to be sorted as they’re processed, enabling you to get a higher price than for mixed materials. We’ll also provide larger scrap metal bins – with options to prevent coolant leaks or with security seals – which we’ll collect and replace as frequently as you need them, and we can handle all the materials your business generates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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