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Our UNTHA shredding line can process light gauge materials, such as drinks cans or food packaging, sheet aluminium and extrusions.

The material is shredded to the desired piece size with interchangeable screens to give products that range from 50mm to 130 mm particles, the shredded pieces are then passed over powerful rare-earth magnets to remove the ferrous fraction before multiple eddy current separators extract the aluminium from the non-metallic waste.

The uniform product can now be baled or sent out loose in bulk tippers or containers. Alternatively, we can melt the shreds in our own array of furnaces to produce the desired alloy or RSI.

Tandom employs three balers that can handle the different materials to produce a bale of the required size and density to meet our customers expectations. This versatility in material processing offers solutions for most aluminium scraps.

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