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Iron and steel?

Tandom are the people to trust for Iron & Steel recyling.

Whether you’re a niche jobbing foundry or a blue chip organisation, if you’re looking for iron & steel recycling, Tandom can help.

We take all grades of iron and steel for recycling that can be segregated and shredded, ready to be melted down and purified for reuse.

Material is processed and graded in accordance with domestic and international foundry market requirements and chemistry, cleanliness, and density are controlled to bespoke customer requirements.

Second-quality and non-prime materials are also traded (Coil, Sheet and Blanks).

iron & steel rail tracks

Ferrous grades traded, inclusive of but not exclusive to:

  • 8A New Production Steel Cuttings
  • 12C Steel Bar Ends and Forging Flash
  • 12D Steel Stampings
  • Low Residual Steel Punchings
  • Cast Iron Disc and Drum
  • Reject and obsolete Castings
  • Rail
  • New Production Rebar
  • Profile Plate

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