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In November 2022, Tandom commissioned its new shredding line. The investment follows an extensive review of our existing manufacturing processes and the conclusion that we needed to update and modernise our waste sorting capabilities.

To enhance our waste sorting process, we sought an optimal combination of technologies that would deliver an economical and flexible means of converting received waste materials into valuable products at a larger scale and enhanced quality.

Following meticulous analysis of the raw material from shape, size, and contaminations, we conducted extensive shredding trials. In the end, we chose Untha as our partner and selected the XR2000C single-shaft shredder to be the workhorse of our new sorting line.

Working closely with the experts of Untha, MagnaPower, and IFE we concluded that an arrangement of multiple eddy current separation technology with rare earth magnets and screen decks, would provide us with the highest processing capacity and best product quality while maintaining the possibility to recycle aluminium from various waste streams with very different properties.

Installation work started in August 2022 and began with re-arranging our coffee pod processing line to a new, optimised layout, followed by installation of the equipment making up the sorting line.

By October 2022, the installation of all indoor elements of the new sorting line was complete, and electricians took over the area to complete power and control connections to the equipment and belt conveyors.

At the end of October 2022, the installation of our new XR2000C shredder started by lifting the 20-tonne beast to its final position outdoors.

While a detailed performance evaluation is still ongoing, the successful first-time-right commissioning and trials ran over November 2022 verified all the theories and assumptions taken during the design phase and confirmed that we have added a very powerful, modern tool to our recycling capabilities.

Key improvements compared to our old sorting process include:

  • Tripled the processing capacity
  • More economical use of electrical power
  • Improved aluminium separation
  • Reduced aluminium loss to waste
  • Efficient material management at both feed and offtake sides
  • Operator-friendly operation
Untha XR2000 Shredder

If you’re looking for large-scale and efficient metal recycling, speak to our team. We can take care of the entire process from collection to end product.