Corporate Responsibility

Tandom Metallurgical tales it’s corporate responsibilities seriously and is committed to complying fully with it’s obligations.

Conflict Minerals

Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold are metals considered in the scope of conflict minerals such that their mining and processing may involve armed conflict.

Our policy toward Conflict Minerals is as follows;


Tandom Metallurgical supports the principles of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance regarding conflict minerals endorsed by the Lusaka Declaration 2010 whilst noting that;

“This guidance provides a framework for detailed due diligence as a basis for responsible global supply chain management of tin, tantalum, tungsten, their ores and mineral derivates, and gold (hereafter “minerals”).1 ”

“ 1. Metals reasonably assumed to be recycled are excluded from the scope of this Guidance. Recycled metals are reclaimed end-user or post-consumer products, or scrap processed metals created during product manufacturing. Recycled metal includes excess, obsolete, defective, and scrap metal materials which contain refined or processed metals that are appropriate to recycle in the production of tin, tantalum, tungsten and/or gold.”

Aluminium alloys produced by Tandom Metallurgical are manufactured from scrap metals. Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold are not used as alloy additions in the manufacture of aluminium alloys and are not routinely analysed for during production there being no commercial or metallurgical reason to do so. Any content of these metals in the aluminium alloy is purely residual.

Tin is found in aluminium alloys as a residual element generally less than 0.1%. Aluminium alloys produced by Tandom will have low levels of Tin, however, this has not been a deliberate addition by Tandom and the alloys are produced from secondary raw materials, waste or scraps sourced from within the UK and European Union and are not of origin from outside of the UK or E.U.

Modern Slavery Statement

Modern slavery statement for financial year 2020/21

This statement is made pursuant to s.54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and sets out the steps that Tandom Metallurgical has taken and is continuing to take to ensure that modern slavery or human trafficking is not taking place within our business or supply chain.

Modern slavery encompasses slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced labour. Tandom Metallurgical Group Ltd has a zero tolerance approach to any form of modern slavery. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity and transparency in all business dealings and to putting effective systems and controls in place to safeguard against any form of modern slavery taking place within the business or our supply chain.

Our business

The scope of Tandom Metallurgical’s business falls within the following areas: Purchase, processing and trading of metals and mixed metal scraps. Toll processing and metal melting of scrap residues and drosses. Manufacture of aluminium alloys and deoxidants to British, international and customer specifications.

Our high-risk areas

All our current operations take place within the United Kingdom and are therefore subject and in accordance with the relevant employment laws. We therefore consider our high-risk areas to exist within the supply chain; specifically, suppliers of scraps and raw materials. To a lesser degree, end users of our products may also present risk.

Our policies

We operate a number of internal policies to ensure that we are conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner. These include:

  1. Anti-slavery policy. This policy sets out the organisation’s stance on modern slavery and explains how employees can identify any instances of this and where they can go for help.
  2. Recruitment policy. We operate a robust recruitment policy, including conducting eligibility to work in the UK checks for all employees to safeguard against human trafficking or individuals being forced to work against their will.
  3. Whistleblowing and positive work environment policy. We operate a whistleblowing and positive work environment policy. This is detailed within the company handbook, so that all employees know that they can raise concerns about how colleagues are being treated, or practices within our business or supply chain, without fear of reprisals.

Our suppliers

Tandom Metallurgical operates a supplier policy and maintains a preferred supplier list. We conduct due diligence on all suppliers before allowing them to become a preferred supplier. This due diligence includes an online search to ensure that any given organisation has never been convicted of offenses relating to modern slavery. Tandom Metallurgical will cease trading with any supplier or end user should suspicion arise that any form of forced labour is taking place. This will remain in effect until such time that our organisation is assured that this is either not the case or satisfactory remedial action has taken place.

Approval for this statement

This statement was approved by the Board of Directors on 13th August 2020

Tom Muir – Managing Director